Friday, 6 February 2009

my second rate pickled egg eggsperience (HAHAHAHA)

I ate my first ever pickled egg last week. I really don't know why I never tried them before. I was at the chippy in Homerton with my friend Angela and I got a big portion of chips and mushy peas and a battered sausage (so much to not eating junk food in February) and Angela just got one pickled egg which she let me have the first bite of. It was alright, handy cheap snack.

Then yesterday I was in L'epicerie, which is the posh deli type shop in Homerton which sells everything a bit too expensive but has a lot of cheeses, and I saw that they sold jars of pickled eggs so I bought one even though they cost two pounds. I ate three of them in a row. I don't think you are supposed to eat that many eggs unless you are a wrestler, and I am not a wrestler yet. After eating all those eggs I had a little junk foof fest and sat under my duvet on the sofa and watched anger management and played on the nintendo wii and then read a trashy magazine that is for people that don't know how to masturbate or choose their own clothes or anything. I would have cooked nice food to eat but there is a slug invasion and I dont want to eat off stuff slugs have walked on even after it has been proper washed in real hot water.

Anyway I googled for pictures of pickled eggs to include in this post (I don't have a camera at the moment to take my own pictures) and found this purply ones and now I feel like I ahd second rate pickled eggs.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


January was a write off. January was my month of feeling miserable and eating fast food and drinking a lot and writing nothing because I am not a fan of January. I wouldn't be a massive fan of February either but it has pancake day which is at least my favourite day of February. Screw valentines, I much prefer pancake day.
So now I will (hopefully) be cooking again and eating better and drinking less and exercising a bit and writing a lot more.