Tuesday, 24 March 2009


It was my birthday on Saturday, I am now 24 years old. I went to the zoo with my boyfriend and my friends. I will get the photos back soon and when I do I will put them in my other blog http://mostlyaboutcrows.blogspot.com/ . We had a big picnic near the parrot cages after penguin feeding time and before we saw the rest of the animals. These are some of the foods we ate collectively . . . .

*cashel blue cheese. *brie. *hard goats cheese. *cava. *red wine. *stuffed vine leaves. *artisan bread. *grapes. *chocolate eclairs. *ham and pickle sandwiches. *crisps. *artichoke dip. *parma ham. *sunblush tomatoes. *a very good potato salad that my friend Roxy made.

It was a pretty good picnic, my two personal favourite things to eat were the artisan bread with cashel blue cheese and grapes and the ham and pickle sandwiches with crisps.

After we left the zoo we sat on primrose hill drinking and eating round two of the picnic, then onto the lock tavern and then me and James left to go for oyster at fishworks in angel. I wanted to cry a little bit when I saw that it has been closed down now. I didn't have time to cry really though because it was late and I wanted to get dinner somewhere before the restaurants started saying NO GO AWAY IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU TO COME IN. We walked up and down upper street two or three times because I am a spazz and couldn't find Le Mercury even though I have eaten there loads.

James had mussels for a starter and barbary duck breast with garlic mash for mains. I had pear poached in white wine with blue cheese and walnut salad for my starter and pork belly with apple for my main. It was quite brave of me eating a pear as I have a phobia of them but the phobia is mostly because of their skin and it was without skin so it was fine. It wasn't as tasty as I wanted though, I think I haven't eaten pears in so long that I had imagined them a whole new flavour. My pork belly was amazzzzzing though.

Here is my list of pros and cons for Le Mercury restaurant in upper street.


  1. CHEAP. almost all of the starters are £3.45, mains £6.45 and deserts are £2.95.
  2. The food is tasty.
  3. Looks a bit posh in there.
  4. They used to have rhubarb and basil ice cream on the me menu and it was one of the tastiest things I ever tasted.
  5. Their menu changes a bit with the seasons.


  1. The bloody waiting staff are a bit shit. Once I took my friend Nima there for dinner and we had a sexy little waitress who was attentive and good at her job and told us what was good and what wasn't and remembered we were there. The last two times I have been they forget to bring drinks or they leave me trying to make faces at them to pay the bill (lie, I haven't been paying for the bill, but I have been in charge of getting it) and just generally leave me feeling a bit abandoned.

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