Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I got a birthday loaf

My mum called me up on the morning of my birthday. Here is a rouch transcript of how our conversation went as remembered by me.

MUM: Happppppy birthday, happpppy birthday.

ME: Hiiii mum.

MUM: what are you doing today?

ME: I'm going to the zoo.

MUM: (sings) I'm going to the zooo oo ooo are you going to come too oo ooo? Are you going to sing the zoo song.

ME: is that a real song?

MUM: yes. what kind of birthday cake do you want.

ME: banana cake.

MUM: what?? I don't know how to make a banana cake. what kind?

ME: one with bananas and toffee and cream and bananas in the middle Just don't make me banana BREAD okay mum. or chocolate cake. I definitely do not want chocolate cake. I could accept a pavlova but don't get a bloody meringue base from sainsburys and squirt some cream on it and throw some fruit on it.

MUM: hahaha that is what I was going to do.

I saw my mum the next day for my birthday meal and cake.

This is what I got.

It's a loaf of banana bread with buttercream icing on the top. It's pretty tasty with some butter spread on it though.

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