Monday, 16 March 2009

last weekend

the people featuring in this blog are;James - who is my boyfriend who is ginger.Andrew - who is James' flatmate who is slightly Chinese and has a long head.Dave - who is James' flatmate who has a small head.Lotta - who is one of my best friends who has a normal size head and is also - small head.

Friday night - stayed in at James' flat and watched some Come Dine with me. It was a very lazy evening with everyone tired from partying the night before. I wasn't so tired because I had spent half the day in bed and the other half reading about crows in a bookshop but I don't mind sometimes having a lazy Friday night in. Dave and Andrew went out to get a kebab and I gave them a shopping list of what to get me from the shops. It was like this;
one tub of ice cream. acceptable flavours are cookie dough or strawberry cheesecake.
2 flakes.
1 can of R Whites lemonade.
2 surprise toppings.
I mixed some ice cream without the cookie dough lumps in with the lemonade in a glass. 4/10. Then I had about half the tub in a bowl with the haribo on top and a flake stuck in it. The flake and the haribo went a big rigor mortis when I put them with the ice cream.8/10.

Saturday morning - I had half the tub for breakfast with the other flake crumbled over it, I had been planning on eating a bacon sandwich at the same time so I could have a partially savoury breakfast and also pretend like I was eating at The fat duck.

Saturday night - I went to a party. I didn't drink at all because the snowball I attempted to make with tonic water (there was no lemonade) SUCKED. James got super drunk. We left the party and I got three ice lollies to make up for being so sober.
strawberry mini milk.
raspberry iced smoothie by del monte.
malteasers ice cream.
Then James got us lost in the rain and the wind somewhere in east London so here is how I enjoyed those ice lollies.
Was covered in ice and bent out of shape and not good. Had to eat it outside. also not good. let down lolly. mini milks are usually a favourite.
I could have been freezing to death and would have still enjoyed this. I remember when solero's used to be this good.
I waited til I got home to eat my favourite one in front of the tv. I had to do it with a spoon. That's James' fault though and not the malteaser ice creams.

Sunday evening - I went to Marine Ices with James, mostly because we were both craving spaghetti. I had spaghetti vongole which was fine but not as amazing as I had remembered it. I went with Lotta once before and we had the good waitress (the others I've had have been snarly or basically silent, this one is hot with a funny hairstyle) and I wanted to eat the spaghetti vongole every day for a week afterwards and my ice cream pudding made me make excited 5 year old faces. For my pudding I ordered three flavours of ice cream with hot fudge sauce and chocolate drops and it already comes with whipped cream. Lotta turned up to meet me and James at the beginning of pudding so I shared it with her because James couldn't eat very much. The three flavours I got were
honey and ginger.
This is because I want to be on holiday in a hot country so I was being tropical. I had to eat all the whipped cream and no one helped me with it and I didn't enjoy it that much because it was a funny temperature. The ice cream was pretty good, I'm not writing home about it though. 7/10. I was watching a gig later and the taste of the garlic and clams repeated on me at the same time as the ice creams, that was gross and amusing.

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