Saturday, 6 December 2008

bento cafe sushi pros and cons.

Where I ate: Bento Cafe, Parkway, Camden, London.
When: Wednesday evening.
Who I ate with: James. He looks a bit like Sean Slater from Eastenders and uses the word 'damn' a lot.
What we ate: We each had a plate of salmon nigiri and avocado maki.

Here is a list of pros and cons about our meal.
  • They don't use mayonnaise in the avocado maki. (yo sushi use mayo and even some proper sushi places use it and I don't know why they do it but it makes me feel SICK. I am not a mayonnaise hater but it feels wrong with rice and seaweed).
  • The wasabi was really hot. I hate pansy wasabi. James doesn't like wasabi but told me he would match whatever I managed to eat of it so I ate the whole lot on my plate, it was almost the size of an eyeball. It made my nose run and I did cry a tiny little bit but it was worth it to see James eat it, even if he did think it was some kind of competition and he'd won it.


  • We weren't allowed to look at the menu. The waitress that served us told us that they were basically about to close and she was doing us a massive favour by letting us eat there. She said it would take us about ten minutes to read the menu and we should just let her know if we wanted to eat noodles or rice.
  • James found a pubic hair on one of his pieces of avocado maki. I thought it was an eyelash at first but on closer inspection it was definitely a pube, it was quite glossy and healthy looking but that didn't make it being on the sushi okay. James thought it would be hilarious to blow the hair onto my plate. I was not amused and we had to swap plates.
  • It cost £24 pounds for what was a pretty small amount of sushi and one beer. There was no discount for suffering the trauma of the pubic hair.


Joselle said...

"it was quite glossy and healthy looking but that didn't make it being on the sushi okay."

This is the most clever thing I've read all day!

I'll definitely be following your blog.


Tim-Yawn said...

Oi. That's where we went for sushi that one time and they were rude and rushed us then too wasn't it? Wankers.
I completely agree about the mayonaise too. I bought some sushi from Waitrose the other day and my mum and I both said the exact same thing.

Sarah said...

my friend informs me that this is standard japanese sushi practice re the mayo business but I still don't like it one little bit. YES timwon that is where they rushed us.