Sunday, 7 December 2008

money money money

I am burning through my cash this week. I live on a pretty tight budget anyway. Most weeks I work one night (Thursday), I earn £100 from this and £50 is spent on rent and then the other £50 is spent on food, phone credit and topping up my oyster card. I've had a bit of extra money since I came back from tour (I was selling merch for my friend Frank) in November and have been getting some extra work here and there so I had 40 quid more than usual this week. It's almost all gone.

Not having a cooker is expensive. Realistically I could easily survive on cous cous for a week as we still have a working kettle and this wouldn't cost me more than a couple of pounds and I would lose a bit of weight probably too. But it's so borring to eat cous cous all the time, even when it's drenched in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and tabasco and covered in salt. So I keep on eating take away.

Lauren is my friend who lives in the room across the hall (which is my old room) and she came in here and hung out all day and we took it in turns looking through my plastic heart necklace at lights which is like a kaleidoscope. We got really hungry and couldn't think of what we wanted to eat so Lauren invented a London number and I called it in the hope it might magically be a take away place, it was not. We ended up combining google and Laurens memory and found a pizza place on Essex Road called Base Pizza. They took over an hour to deliver but it was tasty thin crust pizza when it came and was so massive it couldn't fit through the door properly. We ate pizza and drank coca cola (I'm not really a coca cola drinker, I don't like the taste that much and it makes my teeth feel soft) and watched miracle on 34th street and it was overall a pretty good Sunday afternoon. This has been my laziest weekend ever.
That's not true, obviously. But it has been my laziest weekend in recent memory.

I plan on making snow globes tomorrow, and going to see a Billy Childish exhibition.

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