Monday, 8 December 2008

emptiness, state of mind or stomach? and things I want to learn.

I have spent the whole day feeling maudlin and empty and have switched my phone off a lot, gone for walks and attempted to draw pictures of crows (I am bad at drawing and they look like something a really happy five year old drew after eating too many sweets with e numbers) and trying to work out why I feel so empty. I have considered all the possible options (not doing enough with my life being the main one) and decided that the feeling of emptiness is coming from my stomach and it is because I am hungry and all I have eaten today is a slice of yesterdays pizza with some melted st agur cheese and some apple and walnut chutney on it. I usually eat 3 meals a day, at the very least.
The kitchen still isn't ready. My new plan is to eat something filling every time I feel empty and I don't know if it is stomach or life emptiness, I may become obese.

Here is a list of some things I would like to learn...

  • how to make good snow globes. I tried to make my first snow globe today. It looks like shit. I decided that those miniature jam jars would be the cutest thing I could use. I stuck a miniature minotaur inside and some water, glycerin and glitter and then screwed the cap on. The minotaur takes up the whole jar and you can barely see him and the glitter floats upwards. finding good miniature things to put inside is hard too. I want to make one as good as these (they are made by walter martin and paloma munoz)... Photobucket
  • wood block printing like Billy Childish... Photobucket
  • miniature sculpture, just how to make things in miniature in general. I am going to build a miniature town or village by the end of the year, maybe by the end of January instead.
  • how to break dance and beat box properly. I can't do any breakdancing moves and I can only make one beabox sound, it is one of the most difficult ones though.

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