Saturday, 6 December 2008

why not having a kitchen is depressing, even when it's only for 1 week.

Tonight is a Saturday night and I have decided to stay in because I want to finish writing some zine stuff and because I am in pain. I have also been channeling the nineties for a secret 90s thing I am writing. Channeling the nineties involves a special kind of lighting (fairy lights), burning incense, listening to Nirvana, wearing leggings and a lot of eyeliner and dark lipstick.
I am subletting my friends room for the last month and the kitchen isn't amazing but it works. There is a little wind up grill thing that I don't really use and an electric hob, I have been making a lot of curries. The other day the hob got ripped out, and the fridge and microwave got moved to another room. A whole new kitchen with a proper cooker is being built in the other room and it's all very exciting but won't be ready until Monday so tonight I ate a microwaved 'mini chicken meal', and also 4 mince pies and 2 mini yule logs. The Christmas food was an attempt to alleviate the depression of having to eat microwave meals and it wasn't even that good.

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