Wednesday, 17 December 2008

my house burnt down

The only thing they could rescue was my heart necklace.
I will write about this properly in a bit.
Here is a picture of my heart necklace which is a little bit burnt and smells like a housefire.
I keep sniffing it.

I have been subletting my friend Tre's room until a few dyas ago when my friend Jay who has a flat upstairs went to India so I moved my stuff up there and was going to be staying there until January the 14th. I was working at Cargo when I got a call from Tre saying that it was on fire so I got Ally (who lives there too) as he was watching the bands and we got a taxi back. Holloway road was blocked off from the Odeon cinema to just by the dominoes. This is a long distance. There were a lot of fire engines. I stood with Ally and Andy and looked at the smoke for a bit and got that song (THE ROOF, THE ROOF, etc) stuck in my head and couldn't help singing it a little bit. I got three buses all the way to Woodford to stay the night at James' house. I was very hyperactive on all the buses and wanted to tell everyone what had happened but managed to mostly keep it in, then one guy at the bus stop was asking about how to get to Stratford and I said "OH YEAH I DONT KNOW, I AM GOING TO WOODFORD BECAUSE MY HOUSE BURNT DOWN", he did not know what to say. I took two cans of fizzy rubicon guanabana (the best drink in the whole entire world possibly) and a bag of skittles and some cherry menthol chewing gum and some starburst and he met me at the bus stop.

Today I went back to see what stuff I could get out because all my clothes and writings (zines, screenplay, novel, diary, etc) were there as well as a lot of my music and some other things. The thing I wanted the most was my heart necklace though, which is lucky because it was the only thing that survived. Jays flat got hit the worst I think, something to do with the way the fire moved. I'm not actually really that sad. I can still remember a lot of the stuff I wrote (not word for word obviously) and my clothes can be replaced. It's a good excuse for a fresh start but I feel really bad for everyone else. I am a little bit sad about my clothes but only a little bit, mostly my ruby slippers and my yumi dress and my good lumberjack shirt.


rorydcs said...

No Blue Rib Three? No Clothes? No Nothing?

Sarah said...

all my writing (including blue rib 3) is gone and so are my clothes. Luckily I still have a few bits at Lauras.

Anonymous said...

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